Vim Cheat Sheet

Hand-Crafted Computing Reference

The Vim Cheat Sheet was originally designed and encoded by Max Cantor for a Kickstarter in 2012. After an incredibly enthusiastic response from the Vim community, it has maintained its popularity, and the second ambitious print run is approaching fast!

Vim Cheat Sheet

The classic—out of print, but up for download.

Web Preview

A web-resolution PNG suitable for desktop usage.

Suggested Price: 0

Digital Package

Three high-resolution printable PDFs in A3, Letter, and Movie Poster size.

Suggested Price: 10

Wall Reference

A movie poster-sized wall reference.

Suggested Price: 25


The new hotness—available on June 1st 2017. Preorder for feedback opportunities and sneak peeks at the design process.

Web Preview

A free preview suitable for desktop usage.

Suggested Price: 0

Digital Package (Preorder)

Four dynamic reference cards that integrate with your environment.

Suggested Price: 10

Wall Reference (Preorder)

Four 16:9 reference cards that take up roughly the same wall space as the original (37"x29").

Suggested Price: 25

Live Preview!

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The most common key modifier. It's recommended to map Caps Lock to Control.


Also known as "Alt" or "Meta".


Often used in Vim to reverse or modify the function of a Normal mode command.


Not terribly relevant to Vim. Also known as the "Windows" or "Command" key.

Return m CR

Everyone's favorite

Esc [ Esc

You can get back to Normal mode with Ctrl + [

Delete h BS

Confusingly called "Backspace" by everyone except Apple

Tab i Tab

Should be converted to spaces for religious reasons

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