Beautiful Vim Cheat-Sheet Poster & Printable Downloads

Now Accepting 2.0 Pre-Orders!

Where can I pre-order?

Right here:


What's new?

  • A few small typo fixes
  • Improved readability for colorblind users
  • Improved overall readability
  • The Kickstarter backer list has been removed
  • Some new tips (my favorite: putting ** in your path turns the :find command into a recursive tab-completing file finder!)
  • Overall design and typographical improvements


What does this $25 (+ shipping) pre-order get me?

  • Instantly: Download of the Vim Cheat Sheet 1.0 digital package, which includes:
    • movie poster-sized (39" x 27") PDF
    • letter-sized (8.5" x 11") PDF
    • A3-sized (297mm x 420mm) PDF
  • July 31st: A sneak peek at the 2.0 designs before they get sent to the printer, with an open opportunity to make nitpicks and suggestions. Any input that I use in the final design will be credited forever in the "More Vim Tips" PDF included with the 2.0 digital package!
  • August 5th: Download of the Vim Cheat Sheet 2.0 digital package, which will include:
    • movie poster-sized (39" x 27") PDF
    • letter-sized (8.5" x 11") PDF
    • A3-sized (297mm x 420mm) PDF
    • "More Vim Tips" bonus PDF
  • Mid-September*: One (1) 39" x 27" Vim Cheat Sheet 2.0 poster. *: Mid-September is an estimate; see below.


Why accept pre-orders instead of just printing the new version?

I'll be funding the second print run with income from the pre-orders, similar to how the Kickstarter worked. This pre-order option is for people who want to give extra support to the project and have a unique opportunity at providing feedback during the design process.


What if it takes longer than mid-September to get enough pre-orders?

If I can find the cash to print it anyway, then I'll print it anyway!


If not, everyone will have to wait on their physical posters.


So, it might take longer than mid-September to get my poster?



Are pre-orders refundable?

In general, no. You shouldn't pre-order unless you are willing to wait not only until mid-September for your print poster, but possibly longer if there aren't many other pre-orders. Remember, though: You'll get a 1.0 digital package download right this second, and access to the new digital package as soon as the design is complete, regardless of how long it takes to get it printed.


If you are interested in purchasing a 2.0 poster, but would rather not pay money for a product that hasn't been printed yet, just e-mail and I'll let you know when the poster is available normally.

Written by Max Cantor — July 09, 2013

Ready for launch.

 Let's take Shopify for a spin, shall we?

Written by Max Cantor — July 04, 2012

What's the deal?

I love Vim. However, its power comes with a price: it is so complex that many new users are scared away, and many advanced users can go years without finding some of its most powerful features.

It took over 120 total hours to research, plan, design and create this cheat-sheet. It is meant to be a collection of Vim's "biggest bang for your buck" features: the stuff that will provide the most usefulness to the most people. It's still just the tip of the Vim iceberg, but hopefully it can help newbies get up to speed, help experts brush up on anything they may have missed, and help everyone in between!