Beautiful Vim Cheat-Sheet Poster & Printable Downloads


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Hello! I am Max Cantor, and this is the Vim cheat-sheet poster web store.

This project began as a Kickstarter project back in March, 2012. There was a lot of demand for purchasing additional posters after the initial Kickstarter run, so I created this store!

I will eventually release the InDesign files for the print and digital versions under a Creative Commons license. For now, the cheat-sheet is available in three forms:

  • Movie Poster: a 39" x 27" poster on 100lb. matte paper
  • Digital (High-Res): three print-quality PDFs in movie poster, letter and A3 sizes
  • Digital (Low-Res): a free screen-quality PDF
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What's the deal?

I love Vim. However, its power comes with a price: it is so complex that many new users are scared away, and many advanced users can go years without finding some of its most powerful features.

It took over 120 total hours to research, plan, design and create this cheat-sheet. It is meant to be a collection of Vim's "biggest bang for your buck" features: the stuff that will provide the most usefulness to the most people. It's still just the tip of the Vim iceberg, but hopefully it can help newbies get up to speed, help experts brush up on anything they may have missed, and help everyone in between!